My Inktober

25 October 2017 on Green, Soulfood, White by Senchy

What is Inktober? It’s illustration challenge that lasts for the whole month of October. Ink + October and you get Inktober. People from all around the world post their drawings on Instagram with #intober and #inktober2017 hashtags. Drawings can be black&white or in color, but they has to be ink drawings. Last year, I didn’t get the chance to participate because I heard about it just before it ended. So, this year, I was prepared! Today is my 25th day of posting and I’m very excited about it. Here are some of my recent drawings, but if you want to find my illustrator profile on Instagram (and it’s a different one from my photography profile that is linked in a bottom of my home page), just type @senchyart and enjoy it.


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